The Tips That Take You from Regular to Pro Cryptocurrency Trader

Cryptocurrencies are a new form of asset and medium of exchange capable of giving you an extra income on a regular basis. The critical requirement is to understand the trading platform and the right way of using it for profit. Many investors and day traders now list crypto as part of their portfolio, and even retirement funds are looking at these market assets for a change and a potentially high return rate. The only thing you might want to consider, as an individual investor, is the two levels of people in this game. There are the pros and the regulars. You start off as a regular and move on to being a pro. Here are the tips to consider making the transition effect, earning more returns, and safeguarding your crypto investments.

Change to a Fast & Reliable Marketplace

cryptocurrencyThe exchange you use for trading affect the speed of getting or disposing of new assets. It also affects the experiences you gain as you develop into becoming an expert in trading crypto coins. There are additional things that you will only register once you are trading in the right marketplace. For instance, the quick transfer of one coin to another one in a swap trade might not be available when you have to wait for hours before each trade becomes effects. The Crypto Exchange Pros will include a fast turnaround allowing you to take advantage of price swings. This tip is especially important for traders.

Keep a Healthy Portfolio Balance

Managing your bank is an essential skill that you can only learn through practice. However, you still need a few technical inputs to get started. Learn about the Kelly Criterion that can help you ensure that you never make trades that can jeopardize your bank balance. That way, you take advantage of getting higher returns while also limiting losses. Remember that some regulations and fees might also apply. Therefore, consider them as part of your calculation to prevent any unfortunate mistakes.

Develop Good Habits


Every trader needs good habits that allow him or her to stay level-headed even when things are not going their way. Digging for gold may take time, and you would not want to give up just before you hit the gold ore. The same is true for a trader. Consistency and the pursuit of good principles of the trade will eventually lead you to the success you want. The randomness of the market will ensure that when you play enough times, you finally get the winning bet. The idea is to have many cycles that give you wins so that the overall portfolio increases dramatically.

Avoid Greed

Remember the randomness of the market at all times. Some market trends can arise because of non-fundamental reasons. You do not want to follow the rising prices blindly. Always take two steps forward while also looking at where you will step backward in case you need to. Good money management and a disciplined approach to dealing with crypto will transition you well into the realm of the pros.…

Tips for Solving Personal Financial Problems

How difficult is saving money? To some people, that simple task can seem extremely difficult because of either insufficient income or bad financial habits. But regardless, saving money is a must. And besides that, we have to allocate some of our cash for substantial insurance policies too, such as on health and retirement.

At some points in our life, financial burdens that come from family or our closed ones will catch us off guard. And we must have reserve money to overcome such situation.

Not only bad habits that bring trouble to us, but also debts. There are too many reasons and conditions that can make a person in debts. What matters is how we can manage to handle them and prevent them from overwhelming us.

Now that we know there are two common financial problems for an individual, which are insufficient income and debts, let us discuss how to overcome them further below.

Getting Extra Income

working part-time to get extra incomeGetting extra income helps anyone in any situations. But the first thing you must think about before applying for a part-time job is that if the money is worth your efforts. If you have already had a full-time job, the chances for you to get hired for a part-time job are high. And you will have options to choose.

Do not apply for a part-time job that has a high occurrence of injuries, such as in a construction site or butcher. Unless you are very confident with the required skills, avoid them. You do not want to add problems to your life. You should always imagine the worst that can happen before executing a seemingly nice plan.

If you do not have time, you can try e-commerce business. To do it, you have to find a stock of goods and learn how to sell them fast. E-commerce that has low revenue rate is not preferable. You should not opt for the collector items if you want quick cash flow. Go for the substantial ones with high demands, instead. But you must be smart in finding the right wholesaler that can give you a profitable deal.

Be Strict with the Credit Card

credit card useWhat people ignore these days is the potential for a credit card to be used for a productive purpose. Let us apply it to the example we have discussed in the previous section. Imagine if you open an e-commerce store and purchase the wholesale items with your credit card. You technically start your business without any modal.

However, undisciplined spending habits make credit card acts more like bloodsuckers to our income. All the charges appear small, yet they are many and come frequently. And you might find this advice surprising. It is the credit card with the low interest that gives most difficulties to the users. They are very addictive and swaying to use.

Managing the Debts

debts managementIf you cannot allocate your income for saving, it might be due to unmanaged debts. You might have made debts more than you could afford. Evaluate your existing debts and see if they can still be manageable. If you are in doubts of what to do, you can hire a debt consultant.

Usually, a debt consultant also knows the best way to get a debt consolidation service. It is a debt service that puts all the existing debts into one account. The interest might be higher than normal, or the tenures might be longer. But what the service does is to help you to pay your debts with another debt.

Debts can be devastating to both your morale and life. It is better to pay them off as soon as possible. If debt consolidation does not sound like a good idea for you, you can try selling your possessions to cover the debts. But it is going to take more time and energy than the other option.…

Overcoming the Financial Challenges for a Married Couple

Marriage is not only about the bonding, the psychological comfort, and love. A mature couple will understand that by the time they are pronounced as husband and wife by the government, they are going to share most of their possessions and wealth with each other. Financial status is no longer independently acknowledged, but merged into one.

You can deny that fact as much as you can, but the easiest way to test whether the statement is true is by filing a request for an insurance policy. Most insurance companies only grant the compensation money to the legally acknowledged spouse. And this is undoubtedly the reason why we must discuss the topic of finance in a marriage.

Establishing the Boundaries

illustration of establishing boundaries

Before you and your spouse can work together in unison, you two must establish the boundaries between the shared and individual wealth. You respect your spouse by giving him/her privacy. It also means that you completely trust them.

At this stage, you two should acknowledge each other strength and weakness about handling money. You might be carefree when you shop about house tools and automobile accessories, and your spouse might be the same when it comes to fashion. In that case, you can remind each other of the dos and the don’ts.

Boundaries also give your marriage a reserve fund. Two brains acting on their own are always better than one. If only one person handles the family’s finance, and something goes wrong, the family’s welfare is at stake. But if each member in the marriage has separate bank accounts, when one side needs a financial aid because of carelessness, the other can still help.

Cooperation is the ultimate goal of marriage, and so is in its finance. Communication is also vital for the wellbeing of both. If you want to save to buy something that is expensive, tell your spouse about it. But do not force him/her to contribute to what you want, but let everything flows naturally. Even if both of you hold separate accounts, it does not mean you cannot cooperate with each other for happiness.

Setting Up the Priority Expenses

piroritising expensesAccording to Ann Margaret Corroza, a personal finance expert, the average cost of a wedding is more than $26,000. And the number is not fixed. For an expensive area like Los Angeles, the price can be thrice that number.

As a result, many couples borrow money for their marriage. And in such a case, you have to make sure how you two pay the debt. If a conversation like this does not take place before the marriage, the chances are that one side might be overburdened by the decision. It is a terrible example of communication.

If you have decided to get the marriage money from a creditor, then you have to be realistic about how the lifestyle of your marriage is going to be. For some years, you two must be abstinent from the lavish and luxurious lifestyle. There won’t be new jewels, cars, or expensive bags collection in anytime soon.

Calculating the Contribution

calculating contributionContrary to what most people believe, counting the contribution a partner makes can be healthy for a marriage. It will motivate the less contributive party, and bring a little competition to the relationship. And for middle-class couples, taking turns for covering up the expenses is a necessity.

Forget that old idea of a husband as the only one responsible for providing his family. In some situations, the woman has a better chance of employment. In return, the man can take care of the house and work from home. There are too many diverse scenarios about the how people make money these days. And a financially wise couple should not have made gender as an issue of employment. As long as the contribution by the partners in a marriage is equal, wellbeing is achieved.…